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Welcome to the Science Finders WikiEdit

Remember the last science link you clicked on? Cool, wasn't it? But do you remember where you put it? If you needed that link's content to solve a problem, could you find it? What about the other 10 you saw this month?

This wiki exists to amass scientific information, extract useful knowledge from it, and keep it organized so that, when you need it to solve your problems, solve world problems, educate others, or educate yourself, you can quickly find it. Help us grow -- be a Science Finder!

Getting StartedEdit

If you want to become a Science Finder, you should check out our reddit page first. The sidebar and the content other people are posting will give you an idea about the things we like to post, how to post them, and allow you to share links. Even if you just find something cool you want someone else to write up, post it there!

If you've investigated the Science Finders project already, feel free to get started in editing the wiki!

Status UpdatesEdit

Science Finders is new. We're currently in the process of adding to the wiki and transferring information from our reddit wiki. You're more than welcome to help add material!

Top-Level SectionsEdit

Evidence-based Resources to Help Solve ProblemsEdit

One of the big goals of Science Finders is to help people solve problems. The problems to be addressed can range from personal issues, like finding scientifically-valid fitness and lifestyle changes, to political issues, like finding evidence-based solutions to poverty and controversial issues, to problems facing humanity, like informed policy decisions to address climate change and habitat alterations.

As always, we're still building the wiki -- feel free to help build it! (Just remember to read the rules in the reddit sidebar first)

Featured Personal-Level ProblemsEdit

How do I show my friends and family what it's like to have my disability?

Featured Societal-Level ProblemsEdit

How should we address poverty?

Featured Global-Level ProblemsEdit

Evidence-based Resources to Educate Individuals on Various TopicsEdit



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